Farrell Microscopy is an ISO Certified company for the Sale, Preventative Maintenance, Repair, Calibration & Upgrade of Microscopes. We also supply New Microscopy equipment and have access to a wide range of Parts for Brands such as Motic, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica & Many more. The Primary focus of the Company is meeting and exceeding where it is possible our customers needs & expectations. Farrell Microscopy can supply all of our Customers Microscopy needs. Among the large & diverse range of industries our customers are involved in are:

  • Public and Private Hospitals.
  • Educational Sector.
  • Pharmaceutical & Food industries.
  • Industrial Microscopy.
  • IVF.
  • Specialist Industries.
  • Veterinary and Animal Health.
  • Domestic or Personal use Microscopy.

Our Partners

Public & Private Hospitals

Primarily involving the Histology, Microbiology and Haematology Laboratories within the Pathology department. We also operate in other departments such as Outpatients, Rheumatology, Dermatology and other Clinic or departments that have Microscopy Needs.

Educational Sector

Microscopes ranging from entry level to Complex Research supported and supplied for a range of Institutions such as Secondary schools, Technological Institutes/Universities and Universities involved in Funded research.

Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Primarily involved in the Quality Control  & Research Laboratories. The Microscopes will be configured based on our customers requirements dependant on the specific needs that they have giving the customer the best possible solution.

Industrial Microscopy

Experience across a wide range of Industrial Sectors, a Supplier of Motic and Nikon both of whom have a dedicated range equipment ideal for any Industrial application.


Involving Microscopy equipment for Andrology, advanced inverted Imaging for ICSI and Stereomicroscopy a range of options are available from a number of Manufacturers that we represent.

Specialist Industries

Microscopes supported and supplied for specialist industries such as asbestos testing & Gemmology.

Veterinary and Animal Health

Supplying and supporting a diverse range of Microscopy equipment and configurations based on our customers current needs and where possible configuring equipment to accommodate possible/probable future requirements.   A wide range of Customers supported including independent Veterinary Practices & Practitioners, State bodies and institutions, Research groupings and Veterinary Hospitals.

Domestic or Personal use Microscopy

Providing a range of Microscopy configurations for Customer use domestically to allow professional activity to be conducted at home. For our customers that require a Microscope for Personal, Hobbyist or young Student purposes we can supply a Microscope to suit most requirements and budgets.

Microscopy Consumables.


A wide range of routinely required bulbs are in stock which range from various ratings of Halogen bulbs, Fluorescent Mercury bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs, LED lighting solutions and specialist bulbs. If we do not have the bulb you require for your Microscope or associated equipment, we will endeavour to secure supply for what you require.

Lens Tissue

We supply Motic Lens paper for high grade Objective Lenses and Eyepieces.

Associated P&P charges will apply but there will be no minimum order requirement.

Please let us know what your requirements are via our Contact Page
and we will reply to you as soon as possible with a solution.